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The "On Point" Precision Brass Sharpener


Lets talk about staying on point people. Who doesn't want to be on point all the time right? I know I do. Thats why we are sharing one of our absolute favorite items with you - the "On Point" pencil sharpener. 

This little guy is perhaps the best pencil sharpener on planet earth. It simplistic, rugged and flat out gets the job done like no other. And it does so while being incredibly stylish on your desktop for all to admire. Yup, lookin' good. Better keep your eyes open though, wouldn't want it walking off on you. 

The utilitarian grip bands ensure you never lose your grip while turning out perfectly measured bands of shaved wood.  The point you get on your pencil lead is amazeballs. It defines perfection suitable for even the most demanding artist or designer. 

Its construction is sold brass with steel replaceable blade featuring a special anti-corrosion protection to ensure a long life expectancy. If you need a blade later just let us know and we will hook you up. 

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