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National Socks - Beta Prototype


If you are reading this, it is because A) you are awesome, and B) you are one of the chosen few who will help us create what we hope to be the best and most comfortable everyday sock you will ever own. 

We only have 36 pairs of prototype socks available for distribution and when they are gone, they are gone. They are not quite perfect yet, but we think we are getting close enough that after our next round of product development, they will be ready to go. 

Before we proceed, we need your feedback. 

So, here is the deal, please only take the socks if you intend to provide us feedback on how they feel and how they wear. That's the deal, we give you socks, you give us solid feedback. Sound good? We will distribute only one free beta air per per customer. 

After you place your order, we'll be emailing you a form in the next few weeks that we need you to fill out to help us refine these socks and make them even better.

Use code "FREESHIPPING4ME" to get free shipping in the United States. Might as well get yourself some pins and a deck of cards too, while you have free shipping. ;-) We won't mind. 

Now, about the socks:

  • they are all size LARGE - they should fit mens shoe sizes 9 to 12
  • made with hand dyed fine Italian merino wool. they feel amazeballs
  • double stitched construction
  • 144 needle count woven craftsmanship
  • they are sooooo soft and comfy
  • we've made the bottom padded for superior comfort
  • they are seamlessly stitched so there is no irritating stitch over your toes
  • because they are over 80% wool, they:
    • wick water away from your feet
    • are self-regulating - ensuring they stay dry and cool when you are hot and warm while you are in the cold
    • they are naturally antibacterial and prevent smelly feet
  • the yarn is "superwash" which means that even though they are wool, they can be washed regularly and dried without issue
  • made and designed in the USA


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