Our journey officially began on August 21st right after the solar eclipse swept across the USA. What better time to launch a new business than in the light of a "new sun", right? 

As a creative prone to constant merciless distraction, with more ideas than time in the day to execute, my biggest challenge has been committing to a single idea and diving in far enough to build something worth while. I’ve been running hard; designing, creative-directing and illustrating for clients for the better part of 15 years and I had never really been dedicating time to any ideas that were 100% 'me' and over time it’s been nagging at me. National Dry Goods is our attempt to start building that worthwhile thing and to create an outlet for myself and other creatives to collaborate on product ideas.

At the moment our offering is meager, but we really want to build a brand with the sole purpose of elevating unique artists and uniting their work with skilled makers and product designers in order to create thoughtful and very well made goods that will hopefully delight. 

To help keep our focus on beauty and quality I'll be sharing our challenges, product ideas and design concepts with you in the hope that you will be a part of the brand and how it evolves through your thoughts and opinions and maybe even your talents. Since we hope to build this brand on collaborations please don’t be afraid to reach out.